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Employee Central Payroll System

Start transforming your business payroll processes and drive ROI today. The SAP payroll system Hong Kong is offered as a hosted option and is integrated with Employee Central. For companies that are looking for a solution in the Cloud, SAP Employee Central Payroll offers the same features of the on-premise solution, but with added security, scale and flexibility.


Main Features:

  • Based on the world's leading-edge payroll system hk, it is currently used by thousands of organizations worldwide.
  • Employee Central Payroll system is available today for 30 countries.
  • Available for customers who want the benefits and convenience of cloud delivery but who also want the control of implementing and managing payroll in-house.
  • Realize the significant cost advantages of a cloud-based solution.
  • Employee Central Payroll system delivers legal compliance and best practice.

Implement Successful People Strategies

Centralize management, accelerate processes, reduce risks and realize the significant cost advantages of a cloud-based payroll system Hong Kong solution. This end-to-end system can serve as a global solution (with localization) that unifies data for your global workforce. With one smart integrated solution, legal and corporate policy compliance in this key process can be enhanced across the board. Also, your company can enjoy the benefits of real-time strategic insights, which will greatly improve business benefits and performance, As a result, your company effectively can manage more, with less with SAP payroll software Hong Kong!

Designed With People In Mind

With a growing number of tech-savvy individuals start entering the workforce, there is a growing demand for collaborative, user-friendly, graphical and self-service solutions for payroll related processes. A payroll solution like SAP’s reduces errors and workload for HR departments, increases engagement and adoption, and also delivers an intuitive user experience for your workforce.

A Solution You Can Trust

It’s not easy to standardize payroll processes and allow for localization for a global workforce. Companies looking for payroll software in Hong Kong should note that the SAP payroll solution is currently in use with thousands of companies of all sizes around the world. The solution is available for localization in over 40 countries as of today and can be fully-integrated with other SAP products. IVC offers industry-specific as well as company-specific solutions to meet your unique business needs. Our expert consultants and technicians are with you every step of the process, from solutions selection, implementation, deployment, as well as on-going technical support and enhancements.

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