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In today’s digital economy, anywhere from 60% to 73% of all data within an enterprise goes unused. Like many organizations, you may be collecting information on a massive scale. But are you realizing the true power of Big Data

What is Big Data?

Big Data is the ocean of information we swim in every day – vast zetabytes of data flowing from our computers, mobile devices, and machine sensors. With the right Big Data tools, your organization can store, manage, and analyze this data – and gain valuable insights that were previously unimaginable. Big Data technologies such as in-memory data management, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning can help you transform decision making and your business.

How to gain more value from Big data?

SAP offers a broad range of Big Data solutions. Experience the ease of fully-managed Big Data in the cloud. Process diverse, raw data efficiently using advanced distributed processing engines. And now, easily manage your diverse data landscape, across data warehouses, data lakes and databases, both on-premise and in the cloud.

Unlock business value across all your data sources

SAP Leonardo Big Data capabilities are the revolutionary answer to today’s Big Data challenges, integrating end-to-end solutions into one platform for ingesting, storing, processing, and sharing petabytes of data. SAP Leonardo customers gain more powerful business value from their data, with greater scalability, faster analytical processing, and more powerful sharing across the entire enterprise than ever before.

SAP Leonardo

Start making better business decisions backed by data

Answer complicated questions in just a few clicks. With SAP Analytics Cloud you can blend data from different sources, create compelling data visualizations, run ad hoc reporting, and more. You can get automatic insights at any level of detail, from a single data point to an entire model. Analytics Cloud can empower you to make better decisions, faster.

SAP Analytics Cloud

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