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SAP Consulting

IVC - An SAP consulting company you can trust

With a well-established local and regional presence, IVC provides business and technical advisory, implementation, customization as well as training services for companies running SAP solutions. Our clients include all types of businesses from a wide range of industries, whether they are small to medium enterprises, or large multinational corporations.

We Are Uniquely Qualified

As a veteran SAP consultant in our industry, IVC is dedicated to helping companies go further, faster. We have a large team of consultants and technicians on staff that hold all types of professional SAP certificates and are experts in solutions offered by SAP. They possess a wealth of experience in working with diverse types of companies and are familiar with the unique needs of specific industries. What’s more, IVC enjoys a strong relationship with various SAP partners around the world, which helps keep us up to date with the latest business trends and challenges faced by the international business community.

With You Every Step of the Way

As an SAP consulting service specialist in Hong Kong and other Asian countries, IVC is the perfect partner for companies looking to transform their business with innovative SAP solutions. Our experienced team will be with you every step of the way from solution selection, implementation, consulting, upgrade, to technical support. Members of our SAP consultant team will offer insight and advice regarding industry-specific best practices to help clients effectively increase productivity, lower costs, and maximize returns on their investment. With regards to implementation, our expert services will help clients deploy and adopt SAP solutions faster with lower risks.

Find Out More Today

If your company is looking for SAP consulting service in Hong Kong, look no further than IVC as your one-stop partner. Jump-start your business with SAP solutions, drive ROI and embark on a journey to success. You can submit an enquiry form online to let us know which SAP solution your company is interested in, and our experts will be in touch shortly. Alternatively, you can call us directly at +852 3728 6333, or by email at

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