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In today’s digital economy consumer products (CP) companies face pressures from all sides. Consumers wield great power based on easy access to information about products, pricing, and availability. The barriers of entry for new players with the “next big product idea” are lower than ever.

At the same time, channel partners, from big retailers to Amazon, are expanding their own private-label businesses. Added to all that, tremendous volatility persists in the basic costs of doing business, from raw materials, to labor, to shipping, and beyond.

Transform Consumer Products

Adopt industry best practices while reaching operational excellence with our real-time enterprise resource management suite for digital business that can be deployed in the cloud or on premise.

SAP S/4HANA® software was specifically developed to represent the digital core in this “bimodal IT architecture.” It provides CP companies with a proven framework to adopt industry best practices while attaining operational excellence –specifically (but not exclusively) across core industry capabilities, such as real-time supply chain and digitalized sales.

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Manage your key operation effectively

Align every aspect of your operations to the needs of modern consumers – with SAP Business One software for the consumer products industry. Anticipate, plan, and manage demand – and deliver the consumer goods and products shoppers crave.

  • RFID integration and Warehouse Management System – improve the accuracy and efficiency of warehouse operators by using integrated barcode and latest RFID technology.
  • Sophisticated pricing and discount handing – Volume discount, promotional discount and multi-level discount for the one single item are customizable with SAP Business One
  • Purchasing support – Use powerful demand forecasting tools to make better, more cost-effective buying decisions 
  • Batch management and serial number control – Especially important for F&B, chemical and pharmaceutical to maintain the batch’s manufacturing date and expiry date
  • Mobile solution – View and create quotation and/or sales order via the mobile apps.

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