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What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning, which originally was an inventory management and control concept that dates back to the 1960s. Today, the term ERP has evolved to represent an Enterprise Management System that helps streamline various processes and information exchanges across an entire organization, basically all the core processes to run a company. An ERP system can integrate business processes such as human resources, supply chains, procurement, finance, manufacturing, services and much more, into one system.

Why is ERP important?

An ERP solution is designed to integrate all the resource planning applications of a business, and allows them to share a central, source database. Essentially, it enables different business units within a company to access and make decisions based on the same database. This eliminates the need to maintain separate databases or information silos across different departments. An ERP system offers many benefits, including the automation of core business processes, assurance of regulatory compliance, risk reduction, fast-tracked reporting and others. What’s more, it can be adapted to a broad range of industries, whether it is for wholesale, distribution or eCommerce.

Is it only for large enterprises?

Despite the perceived complexity an ERP system in Hong Kong, the goal of it is simple - make business run more efficiently, which is an objective shared by businesses of all sizes. Redundant spreadsheets, laborious manual processes and unreliable information from internal sources are common problems faced by many companies. As such, there has been an increasing number of small or medium-sized companies that have adopted an ERP solution in Hong Kong.

Our ERP projects in Hong Kong includes different types – small, medium or large – tailormade for businesses of all sizes. For optimized flexibility and functionality, we offer SAP ERP products that can be industry or company-specific to meet unique business needs. Our solutions offer superior visibility, analytics, and optimal efficiency across all business aspects. They facilitate the flow of real-time, accurate information across various departments, allowing businesses to make better decisions and manage performance through a centralized data source, all in real time.

SAP Enterprise ERP

SAP flagship product has led the ERP market for over 20 years. The latest product is SAP S/4HANA. Built on the SAP HANA in-memory platform, SAP S/4HANA is fully configurable and includes real-time ERP, Big Data analytics, and a gateway to the Internet of Things. It’s designed for large enterprises with global or subsidiary operations – and is deployable on premise or in the cloud.


SAP Midsize Business ERP

Ideal for midsized companies and subsidiaries with up to 500 employees, SAP Business ByDesign offers best-in-class cloud ERP. Leverage built-in analytics, rapid deployment, and best practices for 35 different business processes – financials, HR, procurement, supply chain management, and more.

SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Small Business ERP (SMB)

Do you have 250 employees or fewer? Our small business ERP software can help you graduate beyond spreadsheets and efficiently manage every aspect of your growing company – from sales and customer relationships to financials and operations. Available on premise or in the cloud.

SAP Business One

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