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SAP Business One

Streamline and Automate Production Management

SAP Business One Production Management supports all your basic requirements for production activities and help you manage production based on MRP planning. For example, you can accurately and effectively manage bills of materials (BOMs), production orders, and material requirements.

SAP Business One

Accurate and streamlined inventory management is crucial to your ability to deliver on promise, as well as to maintain customer satisfaction and inventory cost control. Managing detailed warehouse data, tracking and recording stock movements, and planning your material requirements planning can be streamlined by SAP Business One inventory and production management.


Simplifies definition and management of BOMs

With a production bill of materials, you can readily document the type, quantity, and price of materials needed to manufacture the final products, as well as quantity availability. Once BOMs have been defined, production orders can be created and released based on them. Component needs, costs, and materials availability are automatically added to your work orders, enforcing accurate allocation of raw materials to products and volume control.

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